Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Christmas 1971, Saigon, RVN.

I was working as a Narcotic Staff Officer in the Provost Marshal’s office at MACV Headquarters in Saigon. There were about ten of us assigned to the office and that included Vietnamese clerical folks. In an effort to maintain some semblance of normalcy we agreed to enter into a Secret Santa gift swap.

It was a nice way to celebrate the season with our friends and compatriots. For the life of me, I cannot remember whose name I got or what I purchased for that person. I do know what someone got for me.

It is a simple hand carved wooden statuette made in Thailand. It represents Madonna and Child. I have no idea who thought that I would like such a gift. For that very reason, I treasure it. If memory serves me right, we had a very low dollar limit on such gifts, so it was the thought that counted. That, along with the simple beauty of the statuette and the season give added meaning for me. It has a place of honor in our bedroom.

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  1. That is just the tpe of thing I endeavour to teach my children. The moral of the whole story is to treasure what you are given and the thought that really counts. If everyone just thought like this the World woul be in a much better place.
    Christmas 1971, I was 14 days old :)
    I swung by here thanks to Hale McKay calling in on my blog. I think I shall be back again if that is ok with you all.