Friday, March 20, 2009

A Trusting Soul

Thanks, Chaplain Sam.

Chaplain Sam's first duty assignment was the Chaplain at the stockade at Fort Leonard Wood. As a young Lieutenant he was filled with trust of his fellow man. After having served for about three months, he had been able to talk to each of the inmates. He decided it was time to have a discussion with the Commander of the stockade.

The Commander invited him in and asked what he wanted to discuss. Sam was greatly concerned about all of the inmates. To a man they had convinced Sam that they were innocent. To a man they convinced Sam that their Commander or First Sergeant were really the guilty party. The Stockade Commander did not roll his eyes or burst out laughing. The Commander suggested that Sam contact some of the "guilty" parties. Sam did just that. The gist of each conversation went something like this, "Did he tell you he had done this?
Did he tell you he had done that? Did he tell you he had done the other thing?"

It didn't take long for the word to go out, tell the Chaplain the truth. He is going to check out your story.

Sam is glad that he had the Commander he had. It was one of his first valuable lessons as a brand new Army Chaplain.

He went on to become a first-rate Chaplain. Even in his retirement, he still serves soldiers.

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  1. All I can say: I have a lot of respect for chaplains and especially those who have the guts to serve in the army!

    ML, SSG