Friday, March 12, 2010

How I Began My Military Career - John H.

I have often thought about why I wanted to be an army officer from a very early age. My father was exempt from the draft in WWII because he worked n the oil fields of Louisiana and Texas as did his four brothers. None ever served in the war.

I was born in 1937, so was old enough during the war to know about it and be exposed to many service people. I had a neighbor whose husband was killed flying over “the Hump” in China. I remember well the day she received the news. When several of our neighbors returned from the war, I was given parts of uniforms and equipment.

The first book I ever remember reading was by Ernie Pyle. The first paperback book I ever bought “Twelve O’Clock High” about the 8th Air Force in Europe. I have been primarily interested in military history all my life.

Anyway, I have wanted to be an army officer as long as I can remember. When it came to deciding where I would go to college, I never considered anything but a military school. I attended New Mexico Military Institute (Junior College) and then Texas Tech. My primary intent was to take ROTC and get a commission.

I did!

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